Ethics agreements form a vital part of the safety which enables people to benefit from this workshop. Below is the ethics agreement produced by the Institute for Creativity which is in general use in the UK.

Make sure the Mastery that you attend uses this or a similar agreement.

Specimen code of ethics

Thank you for signing up for this workshop.

As part of the workshop ethos and to create an environment in which it is safe to move out of your comfort zone, we would like you to read and agree to the ethical principles set out below. If there is anything in this with which you feel uncomfortable, we are only too pleased to discuss it. Please bring a signed copy to the workshop, or send it in advance. This agreement is binding on all attendees, participants, back row, assistants and leaders.

There is an agreement of confidentiality between all people present at the workshop. We* define confidentiality as the non-disclosure of the personal process of any individual or of any information relating to any individual participant that was unavailable prior to their participation in the programme and where such information became available within the programme.

All engagement with individuals or the group will be non-abusive. We define abuse as the use of one person for the needs or process of another without their full knowledge and consent.

Violence by and towards any individual or group by anyone is absolutely unacceptable and will result in the exclusion of the perpetrator from this workshop and future programmes. This includes self-violence, threats of violence and threats of self-violence. The purpose of this boundary is to enable you, if necessary, to express heightened emotion during the course of structured and facilitated exercises in a way which is safe for you and for everyone else.

Drugs and alcohol
1. Please avoid using any alcohol or mood altering drugs during the workshop.
2. Please do take any prescribed medicine as normal as advised by your doctor or other practitioner**.
** If you have been prescribed mood altering drugs (tranquillisers, antidepressants, antipsychotics etc) by your doctor, please discuss this with the workshop leader in advance.

Informed consent
This is an experiential workshop. This means that you will be invited (not forced) to participate in creative exercises designed to help you come to a new experience of yourself in relation to others.

Please be aware that you always have choice about engaging in these exercises and talk to your facilitators if you have concerns about participating (privately, if you wish). The nature of group work is such that you may find yourself exploring emotional territory you did not expect, perhaps because of information you were presented with during the course of the workshop, or as a result of a fellow participant’s sharing of their experience.

This workshop is for educational purposes only and it is not a substitute for proper medical or psychological treatment. It is not suitable for those currently too emotionally sensitive or too physically disabled to take responsibility for themselves. All health problems should be disclosed when booking. We do not accept liability for medical or psychiatric conditions developing during or after the workshop. If you suspect or know that you are suffering from any physical or psychological ailment or condition, then you undertake to inform the workshop leader and seek appropriate treatment in advance of attending this course.

As with any personal development course, some people may perceive this course as physically or emotionally stressful. The host is responsible only for the orderly and safe presentation of the course. You are responsible for your own participation in the course and your own well-being.

So we can keep you safe – if at any point in the course you feel the need to leave the workshop prematurely, you agree to discuss this with one of the leaders before doing so.

*Code of ethics created by the Institute for Creativity and administered by the hosting organisation.